Roofing Contractors

           Attention Roofing Contractors!
Let's be honest. The only reason you set ladders for inspections at all, is because the local building department requires it for a final inspection. In other words, it's required by code, and as such, eligible for reimbursement from the insurance company when you're doing insurance restoration work. So why  spend your time and money to run ladders all over the Front Range when we're already in the area doing just that?

When supplemented properly, this premier service ends up costing you nothing, but what if the insurance company won't pay for it? It's still affordable! Since most roofing companies pay the sales reps on a percentage of profit, the cost is shared, lowering the actual cost to the company. Besides, having sales reps set ladders is one of the most
costly mistakes you can make. Every day that a sales rep spends without a ladder, is a day that he or she can't be on more roofs. And in the storm restoration business, being on roofs is money.

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